Shipping notification

Shipping notification

Dear customers

Please provide the correct and valid email address when you make an order, and please don’t set [email protected] as junk email in case you won’t receive the emails from us, especially the shipping notification.

For example, if the shipping address is not correct or the shipping company is unable to contact you when they deliver your package, we will send the email to notify you. The shipping company usually keep your package within 5 days in their warehouse, so you have to contact them to deal within that date. If you don’t tackle it in time, your package will be destroyed by them. Riolio doesn’t take the responsibility.

As the Covid-19 gets worse in the world, the shipping gets more difficult. Fedex set limits on daily package shipped. Your package will be kept on their warehouse for few days. You might receive the message that your package has been cancelled. Do not worry for that. It is because shipping company changes your tracking number and ship your order from another place to get your package shipped earlier.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

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