Riolio-Make your own brand

Riolio-Make your own brand

Hello Riolio customers,

        We know that every seller wants to do their own brands so that they can expand the brand visibility, then you must love our custom orders.

This year, we provide the service of making custom orders include custom labels, tags,bags and clothes for our customers to do their own brands.

If you want to do custom paper tags, please you have to provide a picture with your logo and your boutique name.

If you want to do custom neck labels, please you have to provide your logo and washing requirements.

This kind of label has no MOQ. You can check this link to order. No MOQ LABEL

If you only need the FABRIC label with your logo/brand name. You can check this link.

Woven labels This label is for 1000 pieces. We will keep those for you and won’t ship to you.

If you want to do custom bags, please you can provide the picture with your logo and some contact ways.

Custom bag, the MOQ is 1000. The bag will be shipped to you separately and you can use it as you need.

If you want to do custom clothes, please contact our customer service, we will tell you about the information you have to provide.

Please pay attention that the MOQ of the custom clothes is 150 pieces for one style and one color.

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