Inside labels/outside labels

Inside labels/outside labels

Hi, everyone, this is Riolio, today we want to talk about the place where we put the labels.

To be honest, we face the whole world’s customers, and different customers from different countries have different requirements of the labels’ position. For example, the people from Japan, Korea like the outside labels in order to protect the baby’s skin, and the people from the US and EU like the inside labels.

At the very beginning, we even didn’t realize it, so we displayed these two kinds of clothes on our website without the labels information.

While as the customers from EU and US are increasing, from December 2020, all of the items we uploaded on the website with the labels information, so if the customers who mind the location of the labels, please check the information before making an order.

Now, you can check the labels on the item description. Hope this will help you.

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