Are You Ready to Go to Kindergarten?

Are You Ready to Go to Kindergarten?

New School Day is coming~ Are your babies ready to go to school. For teens, they can take care of themselves well. For other babies who will make their first step to kindergarten, it is not easy to stay apart with parents. So, before babies going to school, parents need to get preparation for them. There are FOUR major advice.

Telling your kids in advance of your separation

Most babies are apprehensive about being separated from their parents, so you should never leave suddenly. Babies can’t accept separation at the day of kindergarten if they think it is kindergarten that separates you apart. So please tell them early.

Parents can induce the baby to complete some “tasks” alone to give him some courage. Originally, children’s curiosity was very heavy, they may not dislike kindergarten, they just don’t want to be separated from their parents. Easing and Relieving children’s separation anxiety is the first task for parents.

Increasing your child’s interest in kindergarten

Entering kindergarten is an introductory course for children to establish a collective concept and develop good living habits. This stage has a crucial impact on the shaping of the child’s character and personality and psychological development.

There is a big difference between group life and family life, and this needs to be explained to the babies. Parents can play kindergarten related videos to familiarize the children with the scene as soon as possible. You can also describe some vivid and interesting pictures to let the children look forward to their kindergarten life.

Parents should also correct some of their children’s living habits at home, help them accept and understand the existence of collective life from the heart, and at the same time help them adapt to the difference between life in the kindergarten and family life. Such as eating habits, communication etiquette, etc.

Painting your babies a colorful picture that your babies and their new friends are learning and playing together.

Don’t be over worried or anxiety

Some parents are even more nervous than their babies. They imagine all possible unexpected scenarios. frighten yourself. But we have to believe that babies are also very adaptable. And if you show too much worry, babies will notice it too, which increases their fear.

Therefore, not only parents should help their children adapt to the environment in the kindergarten in advance, but parents themselves should also set a good example, and should also realize that in the process of children’s growth, there are many times when they need to face parting and help them establish a social life as soon as possible. Awareness and habits are better for children.

Other preparation

Last but not least, get your baby some of his usual personal items. Personal cutlery, her/his favorite toys, and hygiene products as well. When a child cries, it’s easier to look for things she’s familiar with. Therefore, it is very convenient for children to choose their own dolls to carry.

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